Adidas company development process

1 Adidas company development process
“For every athlete to provide the best shoes”, in this simple and ambitious idea to encourage the first World War II, as a shoemaker and obsessed amateur athletes of Adolf Dasler and Rudolf Dasler brothers began to do shoes in Germany, manufacturing dedicated light running shoes and soccer shoes. The entrepreneur is Adolf, the dealer is Rudolph, Jesse Owens in the 1936 Olympic Games wearing their shoes to win a few gold medals, which makes them from the beginning to implement a new sales strategy. But the brothers fell out in 1948, Rudolph with half of the equipment to leave Adolf, the establishment of the Puma shoe company, Adolf use the remaining resources to establish the Adidas company, and Puma company has never gone beyond Adidas company. The company produces a large variety of high-quality sports shoes, and ultimately in the 20th century, 60 years, as the world’s leading event of all fake yeezys major sports shoes suppliers. However, into the 70’s, Adidas did not realize that the civilian movement has become a trend, or focus on professional sports shoes. Due to the expected failure of sales and the underestimation of market competition, Adidas’s position has been challenged, and finally replaced by Nike in the late 1970s. In 1997, after joining salmon, it became one of the world’s leading sporting goods companies, both of which complement each other in terms of product and geographical coordination. Salmon was particularly strong in North America and Japan, adding that Adidas raised its presence in the US market Share is helpful. From 1998 to 2000 Adidas rebuilt its market share followed by Nike, ranking second in the market position and 11.8% market share.
2. Enterprise culture:

Vision: Our passion for sport makes the world more peaceful;
Attitude: IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING. Everything is possible; Mission: Become a sports brand that leads the world;
Brand core values: honest and trustworthy, responsible and trustworthy, inspiring; development of innovation, sincere and frank, full of experience.
3. Adidas organization environment
Internal communication activities to improve employee participation
Adidas believes that a strong internal communication platform is essential to drive and promote employee participation in our organization. For example, the Group Intranet has been established over the past two years to enable departments and teams to quickly build and edit their own internal communication platform blog. It also enables employees to comment on the news, share knowledge, collaborate and discuss current topics. 2010 launched the entire group of IDE autofocus Oulum, allowing employees to be recognized and involved in their implementation during the implementation process. The focus of the company in 2011 will be knowledge management and collaboration. We plan to implement the Microsoft SharePoint platform, so that we have a global, knowledge management integration tool. This is part of a long-term project to build a modern learning organization.

Diversified workforce to achieve global goals
Adidas as Gloria LC companies need different ideas, expertise, interest and cultural backgrounds to ensure that we achieve our goals. The company’s existing employees from more than 50 countries, the high degree of diversity of staff. The company takes action to ensure that the environment includes diversity through measures such as networking activities, cross-cultural training, and the realization of a combination of work and life. Creating an attractive working environment
Adidas’s goal is to coordinate the business interests of the Adidas Group with the private and family needs of the staff. Proposed work and life balance programs: family-oriented services, flexible working hours and locations, human development and leadership-related work and life balance.
So that employees can achieve their personal best results
In order to achieve their personal best grades, the group provides training for employees to consolidate their strengths, improve their skills and overcome their own challenges. In this process, the company’s personal desire and demand for the highest priority. The company through the performance management, talent management, succession management ability to ensure consistent, transparent performance.

Image result for adidasAdidas team structure
The company has business in the global market. Market division: Asia, Europe, the Americas. The company’s main subsidiaries are global, directly or indirectly through various means, mainly divided into Germany, the Americas, Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific region. ADIDAS through its worldwide subsidiaries, wholesalers, licensed operators and agents, so that products are sold in almost every country in the world. Its branch spread in more than 50 countries around the world, the product sold to more than 160 countries and regions, is the world’s number one sporting goods company. ADIDAS products, the most important one is football shoes, the annual production of more than 500 varieties of more than 280,000 pairs of more than 150 countries in the sporting goods sales occupy the first place. ADIDAS has established a well-established framework in the market, which includes the definition of ownership and management rights; the use of products as a business point of intersection; the adoption of centralized management tools and the establishment of design and development centers in Europe and North America; the establishment of regional sales subsidiaries ; And the establishment of joint ventures with the original distributors, directly improve the market position.
5. Adidas business organization goals
Adidas Group is committed to becoming a global leader in the sporting industry on sports passion and cheap yeezys lifestyle.
Adidas promised to continue to strengthen our brand and product, improve our competitive position.

Adidas’s innovative and design leaders want all athletes to the highest level of sport and bring the best performance to the market.
Adidas gets the attention of consumers, thus resulting in continuous improvement of quality, appearance, feel and our products and organizational structure of the image match and beyond the expectations of consumers and provide their highest value.
Adidas is a global organization, social and environmental responsible person, is a set of creative and diverse owners.
Adidas is committed to continuously improve the excellent financial performance.
The ultimate goal of the organization is to lead the sports enthusiastic and sports lifestyle to build brand sporting goods industry, to predict and meet the needs of consumers and customers, and constantly strive to create innovative culture, challenge yourself, break the routine, embrace changes. Through the use of this culture, we push the boundaries of yeezys products, services and processes to strengthen our competitiveness and maximize the Group’s operations. Is committed to meeting the full range of customer and consumer needs to ensure the correct size and color of the product availability, improve the level of technological innovation, to achieve high-end products, high quality standards. 6. Adidas made the results
Today, Adidas is still uphold the concept of perfect footwear, constantly with the world’s top athletes and coaches exchange ideas and needs, after a series of repeated tests and tests, the development of ergonomic products, not only to help all kinds Professional athletes to enhance the performance of sports, better able to meet the general market consumer demand for high-quality sports goods. In recent years, Adidas not only in the design, the function of a new breakthrough, the representative of the three lines of the concept of design also set off another trend in the fashion trend, swept through the young new generation of popular new style, leading the global sports goods towards More diversified vision

Identify adidas true and false

Adidas basic knowledge (history and status)
In 1925, a small village in Germany, the world’s first touch to the Adidas. There was a small village named Herzogenaurach 12 miles northwest of Nuremberg, and the concise three lines were given the life of Adidas’ father, Adolf Adi Dallas. In recognition of the athletes on the performance requirements of sports shoes, Adi and brother Rudolph founded the Dallas brothers sports shoe factory.
Because of the different ideas, Adi with his brother Rudolph finally chose to break up. In 1949, the two would divide the factory into two. On the basis of the original factory, Adi in 1949, the establishment of Adidas company.
Adidas is currently Europe’s largest supplier of fake yeezys. As the world’s second-ranked manufacturers, its products marketing more than 200 countries around the world. In 1994 alone, Adidas sales total revenue reached 3 billion US dollars. By the end of 1995, Adidas brought its stock to the public. This is a great success, Adidas continues its international trade process. In the first half of 1997, Adidas announced that its network sales increased by 40%, which is a surprising figure. Adidas yeezys (China Suzhou) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Adidas, registered in Suzhou and set up production base, the trade headquarters in Shanghai, in Beijing and Guangzhou are equipped with branch offices; with more than 400 employees, business in 27 countries province. Adidas three trademarks.
The above figure is the three trademarks of Adidas replica yeezys.
AG, adidas, adidas logo, clover logo, ball logo and three stripes are registered trademarks of adidas Group. Y-3 is a trademark of adidas Group. Yohji Yamamoto is a registered trademark of Yohji Yamamoto.
ADIDAS many people think adidas (Adidas) trademark on the three leaf-shaped design on behalf of a blooming flowers, in fact, it represents the world map, but also metaphor Adidas founder Eddie Tesel in the movement Three straps on the shoes. After some changes from 1949, three stripes of the trademark, from the beginning of the last century 70 has been marked the world map of three leaves covered. With the change of the times, from three to three leaves to three flowers have appeared, always around a word. Because it represents the adidas spirit “equal, classic beauty with the highest.” Adidas the difference between two different signs
Related imageClover Adi’s old version of the logo, now as the sign of the adidas classic three-stick Adidas movement logo
The rest of the called Y-3, is the Japanese designer Yamamoto Yao Division and adidas cooperation in a high-end fashion brand, also considered a luxury This is a different period of the logo, a few years ago with clover, in recent years due to Nike The need for competition to make a strategic adjustment, which for the logo (that is, you replaced the three bars) is one of the actions to make it look more fashionable, you look at
Clover is adidas used to have a logo before. This figure symbolizes the launch of the world map, in 1972 come out. And three stripe is earlier, the original structure of the sports shoes have a substantial role in the bearing part of the advent of 1949, that is, adidas hit the brand of the first two years.
To the mid-90s, adi began to push the main three-brick logo.
Into the 21st century, adidas again to start clover retro series.
In fact, adidas a total of three signs, one is usually seen by the length of the three rectangular rectangle composed of the triangle logo, the other is the “clover” series, there is a football series. The The Is a unformed round wrapped with an adidas logo
Adidas movement series —- three bars of the true and false is a good identification! The most obvious thing is to look at the clothes or pants on the embroidery and stamping logo, the real adidas in the i letter on the point with the upper three bars mark is linked together
And the fake is all apart! There are genuine, adidas these embroidery is very clear, if with a thread, and even into one, then you buy fake! Of course, the most important depends on the tag and workmanship, as well as packaging! General authentic clothes inside will have two small standard, one is the fabric and origin and washing instructions, there is a product number! Looks good workmanship, as well as inside the work is also good, there will not be a lot of thread! As well as the tag is generally black, of course, the printed font is very clear; special note: the original series is the clover retro series tag is generally blue! And then add that: authentic Adi Nari’s logo generally not only write on the size, such as M L XL, there will be written on the height such as: upload 185 / 104A
This is some of the details of Adidas three-bar -Performance 1, fabric
ADIMAS summer, from the fabric, mainly ClimaCool and ClimaLite ClimaCool lasting to keep cool and comfortable, CLIMACOOL has excellent ventilation and temperature regulation, so that air circulation, speed sweat, to avoid clothes and body stick together, so that you keep Dry.
ClimaLite is a lightweight, breathable fabric that is close to the surface of the skin and can bring heat and sweat away from the body, allowing you to stay cool and dry even under the hottest conditions. Also provides UV sunscreen function, filter out the sun in the harmful ingredients.
CLIMALITE and CLIMACOOL function almost, are rapid perspiration system. But the fiber structure of the two is not the same, feeling CLIMACOOL with a more thin fiber, so it is more tough than the LIMALITE soft. So some players jersey fabric is CLIMACOOL, and the fans version is CLIMALITE.
☆ identification method: authentic fabric is always very soft and tough, very detailed texture, in fact, the feeling is difficult to describe, have the opportunity to feel about to know. The same can also be used to test the method of fabric to test its perspiration effect. 2. Main standard / water marked / tag / ID standard 【Main standard】
Now most of the functional fabrics ADIDAS clothes are offset by the main standard, carefully observe the main surface of the flatness and clarity can be. If the version of the designated area, only in the above designated size of the designated area. If it is cheap yeezys multi-country version, the standard size of eight countries.
[Water wash standard] (that is, the left side of the clothes from the feet of the feet of 10CM high washing and composition instructions)
1. The most common one: positive and negative sides, positive for the 8 national flag, the reverse for the sales of national text description and washing instructions, the bottom will be marked factory code. (Consistent with ID)
2. Only in the European version of the sale of the standard: a total of three pages, no 8 national flag, the description of the ingredients and washing instructions is used (Germany, Britain, France, West, Portugal, Italy, Netherlands, Greece, Denmark , Sweden, Finland, Russia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia) 21 languages. Show ADIDAS company address in the Netherlands: Adidas International Trading B.V, the bottom will be marked factory code.
3. Specified version of the European designated version (designated for sale in the country): This is a single, only one page for the Spanish, the description of the size / origin / ingredient, and the washing instructions are in Spanish, no factory code.
☆ identification method: see the water to wash the standard material. Genuine material smooth silk feeling, printing clear, the edge of the formation. Most of the water on the bottom of the last page will be marked with the factory code, please match the ID code on the factory code, the two should be consistent.
AD tag color requirements and paper requirements are very strict. A dress in general to 2-4 listing together, it is necessary to see what section, and at least have two, one is the main tag, usually black. There is also a certificate. Above the number of what is very detailed. And if there is a special fabric, he will have a separate tag to illustrate. They are using a strict uniform color, the font to print, the paper is also very good, very scratch! No wrinkles! Trademark on the three slashes and two d d of the top corner is connected, authentic embroidery more delicate, no thread, there is a ratio between the proportion. (But some of the anti-version also noted this) has a trademark of the clothes on the three lines, the three lines of fine workmanship, the size of the symmetry. And the middle of the three lines

Separated by the size of the line itself is the same. The number of pins between one inch is about 10 knots. This is the essence of foreign inspection.
The following information can be read from the bar code label on the tag 1. Name, color and item number
The upper right corner of the bar code label will indicate the item number (which should be the same as the ID on the ID), the name and color on the left.
Bar code label marked below the eight size [ID]
ADIDAS each different styles of clothes have different ID standard, ID marked with the factory date, factory code, product classification and so on.
ID marked with three rows of information on a row of six digits that number
A row of 2 letters plus 4 digits for the factory code (or 6 digits) a row of four digits on behalf of the factory date: in months / year
Three rows of information according to the different versions of the product, the location will be some changes. *** version: positive for the number and factory code, the opposite for the production date
2. Domestic version: only one side, from top to bottom for the goods number, factory code and production date 3. European version: positive for the production date, number and factory code, the opposite for the security bar code
Third, other details
Mainly to see LOGO and zipper
1, adidas LOGO logo: offset mark smooth, very delicate. If it is embroidery, then the letters and letters are not connected between the lines, only two letters d and i on the top of the point and three slashes connected.
2, zipper: the famous zipper production company “YKK” to provide, so in a zipper style zipper lock can be found on the YKK English letters.
If you have a zipper head, you have to look at the zipper head, AD zipper head is used by YKK international first-class manufacturers, the opposite has YKK words, positive adidas words are generally.